We facilitate multi-sector collaboration seeking to address complex policy changes, ranging from informal emerging coalitions addressing immediate needs to long-term formal partnerships working across institutional boundaries.  Our approach emphasizes clear purpose, roles and operational structures.

Client Highlight: Schuylkill Learning Community

Under the auspices of the Institute for Conservation Leadership, MJ partnered with Director Dianne Russell to guide a five year initiative, the Schuylkill Learning Community.

The vision for this effort was to convene a highly diverse group of leaders working to improve water quality and a healthy watershed in the Schuylkill region.  These scientists, advocates, government officials, developers and community leaders each play critical roles individually.  Our unique approach was to build a learning community that identifies opportunities that are “more than the sum of the parts.”  We used social network mapping and other emerging technologies, plus expert approaches to dialogue and strategic thinking, to seize opportunities to shift the whole conversation.  We evaluated outcomes that attest to the impact the initiative has had for leaders individually, their organizational priorities and collaborative projects.

“MJ has an uncanny ability to ask thoughtful and probing questions that bring out the best thinking and acting in leaders and groups.  Her capacity to synthesize complex information — from content to interpersonal dynamics and cultural contexts — make her an invaluable coach, facilitator and partner.”

Dianne Russell, Institute for Conservation Leadership, Executive Director

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