Partnerships and Corporate Re-Structuring

We develop scenarios, facilitate delicate negotiations and align operations and culture for organizations that are pursuing joint ventures, mergers and other types of partnerships.

“The ‘new normal’ since The Great Recession has reshaped the map for all sectors of the economy.  In the non-profit sector, I’ve been impressed by leaders seizing opportunities to create a spectrum of new partnerships — such as joint ventures, consolidated administration and mergers — to enhance their mission and operations.” MJ Kaplan

Client Highlight: Community Works RI

Two community development agencies, based in the same neighborhood, collaborated on community building efforts, but at the same time competed as real estate developers for affordable housing.  “These two agencies have talked about merging for most of their 30 year history,” stated one community stakeholder.  Kaplan Consulting was hired initially to guide preliminary conversations between the leadership teams of the two agencies.  MJ facilitated two rounds of conflict resolution and merger exploration that culminated in a decision by each board to pursue formal due diligence.  A merger team assumed accountability for the review and a negotiated agreement and MJ served as project manager and consultant.  As is usually the case, the process encountered many hurdles and required a balance of sensitive conflict resolution and steady encouragement to maintain parties’ focus on shared interests.  The merger resulted in new development projects, consolidated and improved administration and a revitalized board.

“I served on the merger committee throughout the process.  It was a long, difficult process and we couldn’t have done it without the guidance and leadership of MJ.  She kept us focused and helped us work through the conflicts at every step.  She is extremely knowledgeable, skilled and professional.”

Chiv Heng, Board Member, Community Works RI
Director of Information Technology, The Providence Plan

Call out: “The harsh economic climate is prompting market challenges and opportunities.  We’ve been impressed by nonprofit leaders seizing the opportunities to create a spectrum of new partnerships, such as joint ventures, consolidated administration and mergers, to enhance their mission and operations.” MJ Kaplan

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