Innovative Strategy

We probe organizational assumptions and practices and investigate external realities to help our clients craft dynamic strategies that are bold yet achievable.  We conduct assessments to understand how the enterprise works today in order to build a solid foundation for the future.  In today’s fast-paced climate, we help you rapidly cascade changes throughout the enterprise.

“Strategic thinking … is about synthesis.  It involves intuition and creativity … a messy process of informal learning.”

Adapted from Henry Mintzberg, The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, 1994.

Client Highlight: Columbia University

The Social Intervention Group based at Columbia University School of Social Work is led by a dynamic researcher with unbounded energy and a global vision.  She has convened a talented and highly diverse group to further the research related to HIV,  partner violence and substance abuse prevention.  Kaplan Consulting was hired to guide the development of a strategic plan.  We synthesized national benchmarks to frame a plan for growth.  Goals aimed to increase the number of federal grants and publications.  In addition, the team was deeply committed to its translational work to apply emerging protocols to real world community settings in nearby Harlem and in developing countries.   For this academic team, it was imperative to set specific targets because researchers are pulled in many directions in multiple roles.  We refined a management system to coordinate and track the complex moving parts and ensure the team met its commitments.

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