Leadership Development

We work one-on-one with executives seeking to work through complex leadership challenges and we guide teams to work in concert for collective impact.  We all have blind spots and, to be successful, we need support to confront them.  Practice is critical.  Musicians devote hours to practice before performing and athletes train hard to be ready to compete.  Yet leaders often dive into difficult meetings or face complex decisions without committing time to practice.  One-on-one coaching gives you the space and support to work through sensitive and stressful responsibilities so that you are poised to handle challenges with mastery.

Team coaching similarly creates the time and space essential to working through issues and capitalizing on differences while making sure that the results are integrated.  We’ve all been part of a group effort that hums and know the power of that alignment.  It means we are each free to soar and know that our separate efforts will achieve a collective whole that is truly more than the sum of the parts.

Client Highlight: Transit for Livable Communities, Minnesota

MJ first met the Director and Board Chair of Transit for Livable Communities, a mid-west transit organization, while serving as faculty for a leadership program they attended.  The program inspired the Director to devote more resources to develop her team and her own skills.  We worked with the staff to address roles, accountability and morale, and worked with the board to develop an ambitious growth strategy.  When growth soared, the Director hired MJ as a professional coach.  We communicated bi-monthly for three years, addressing strategy issues as well as the Director’s capabilities to manage growth.  During this period Transit for Livable Communities secured a substantial federal grant that shifted the organization’s role dramatically.  Furthermore, in coalition with community partners, it secured passage of unprecedented state legislation.  Throughout the coaching relationship, the Director worked privately with MJ to explore solutions to tough political, human resource and financial issues.  We established detailed goals to focus our work and documented the personal and organizational results.

“MJ helps me balance inclusiveness and accountability with my staff.  As a coach she provides honest and constructive feedback, with countless creative ideas to move through difficult changes.  She coaxes me to take risks and learn from mistakes.  Coaching is hard work but it pays off for me and my organization.”
Lea Schuster, Executive Director, Transit for Livable Communities

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