Organizational Alignment and Change

We identify factors that impede quality and productivity and we intervene to bring systems in sync.  We develop competency models to ensure that the right people are in the right roles.  We redesign processes to achieve operational and quality improvement.  We identify culture gaps and implement initiatives to shift the intangibles that form the organizational core.

“An aligned team is one in which the individuals have agreed to own every decision and to be committed to making the decisions and each other successful.  … They will move together as one body of people who demonstrate an authentic and sustainable commitment to the success of the enterprise.”

Miles Kierson, The Transformational Power of Executive Team Alignment

Client Highlight: Providence After School Alliance (PASA)

The Providence After School Alliance (PASA) coordinates quality after school programming for middle school students, delivered by local agencies.   A high school program is in development.  MJ was selected to partner with PASA for a three-year engagement to build capacity of this nationally recognized and highly entrepreneurial initiative. Kaplan Consulting conducted an assessment to form the basis of several initiatives that will align the board of directors, high-performance staff and community providers.  We are applying a shared governance structure that capitalizes on emerging best practices and building a dynamic learning organization using feedback loops and other principles of whole-system change.  As PASA rolls out the high school initiative, leveraging a technology-based infrastructure, these interventions will position the public-private partnership to grow in scale.

“ MJ combines intuitive and research-based strategic savvy with fresh eyes and energy for building a structure and dynamism into an organization. Every meeting results in practical high powered ideas. “

Hillary Salmons, PASA Executive Director

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